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XCAT Basic

XCAT Basic

The base for all model options 

Serious fun, laid-back go-getter, specialist for multi-functionality.

You could almost say that these attributes do not go together. Yet the XCAT brings them together in a way that you would not expect from a boat of this class. The XCAT is a true "multi-sport-catamaran", that does not limit you to one discipline. The starting point for all model options is the XCAT Basic. From there you can add-on whatever you like, whenever you like - sailing, rowing/sculling, SUP, motor. 

Discover the XCAT – the most versatile catamaran you have ever seen!

  • Key features

    • Frame parts are made from anodized aluminum ensure durability and resistance against sea water
    • The hull skin is HDPE – Weatherproof, impact resistant and dirt repellent plastic that is easy to clean
    • Low hulls make a swim ladder unnecessary
    • Only click- and plug connectors for a simple, quick setup without extra tools
    • High quality Textilene® for the trampoline netting
    • The hulls are filled with EPP particle foam, extremely resistant to impact, unsinkable and virtually indestructible
    • Precise steering with Tiller-Fix while Stand Up Paddling
  • Components of the XCAT Basic

    The XCAT Basic consists of just 5 parts that you can easily transport and store on any normal car. 2 hulls, 2 cross-bars and center section - consisting of the trampoline and side beams.
    It all adds up to 55 kg. None of the individual parts weighs more than 17.5 kg.
    5 parts that you can carry, transport, assemble and dismantle all on your own - without tools.
    The XCAT Basic can be assembled in 3 min.