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Marine 370 U

Marine 370 U

The Marine 370U has wide V hull and higg freeboard for good safety on the board also in bigger waves.
For this reason they are very popular among fishermen and also for recreational users. These boats can be equipped with a remote control console to provide a very nice, small, complete package.


Light, spacious and safe boat is suitable for further modifications. The V-shaped hull, high side and flat stern create stable construction and provide great qualities even in waves. It is easily transported (on car roofs). These qualities are appreciated by fishermen but it is great for free time.

  • Technical details

    Length: 3,69 m
    Beam: 1,42 m
    Height: 0,6 m
    Weight: 72 kg
    Max. weight cap.: 479 kg
    Max. person cap.: 5
    Max. engine: 15 HP
    Max. engine weight: 74,4 kg
    Transom (outboards): S
    Aluminium thickness-Bottom: 1,4 mm
    Aluminium thickness-Side: 1,2 mm
    No. of ribs: 5
    No. of keels: 5
    Category: D