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Marine 10 M Light

Marine 10 M Light

MARINE Standard boats, offered in this range employ a 'V' hull construction with easy planing charactersistics.

The 10M, 12M and 14M models can be easily carried on the roof of many cars with the 10M being the lightest aluminium boat currently available on the market. The low weight and V shaped hull give the boat high speed and perfect manoeuvrability. All models plane easily, even with lower powered engines and are excellent for; leisure cruising, transportation of passengers, loads, fishing and much more.

All these boats can be easily carried on the roof of your car.


The smallest and lightest boat from the Light range, supplemented with stickers, is very economical and eco-friendly. Surface of highly resistant aluminium alloy guarantees long lifespan, resistance against all elements even sea salt. Practical design guarantees easy transport and manipulation.

  • Technical details

    Lenght: 3,08 m
    Beam: 1,34 m
    Height: 0,55 m
    Weight: 41 kg
    Max. weight cap.: 282 kg
    Max. person cap.: 3
    Max. engine: 5 HP
    Max. engine weight: 27 kg
    Transom (outboards): S
    Aluminium thickness-Bottom: 1,2 mm
    Aluminium thickness-Side: 1,2 mm
    No. of ribs: 4
    No. of keels: 5
    Category: D