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The inflatable kayak for the whole family

Perfect for a tour with a friend or two, or on your own. Space for family and friends and ideal for longer tours with much luggage and yet fast and manoeuvrable. 

The AIRKAYAK 16' is our family boat in the ROWonAIR® range. If you are looking for a boat to take the whole family out on an expedition - effortlessly, even over longer distances - while enjoying some healthy rowing action at the same time, then the AIRKAYAK 16' is precisely the right ROW ON. The streamlined hull glides effortlessly through the water and makes every tour a real experience!

  • Key features

    • The dynamic V shape and the solid hard shell bow and stern ensure effortless gliding, speed and excellent handling
    • Side chambers and base are made entirely from Drop Stitch while the hull is reinforced with a PVC skin (3) to provide the highest strength and rigidity, low weight, durability and resistance to abrasion 
    • Large, screw-type relief valve enables you to deflate quickly and easily
    • Filling sponges provide ideal protection from dirt
    • High pressure air pump with pressure gauge (bar/psi) for rapid and convenient inflation within 3 minutes
    • Simply position the Rowing Skid on the surface indicated
    • Hook up to the pre-mounted D-rings and tighten the belt to attach the RowVista® or RowMotion® Rowing Skid to the AIRKAYAK 16'
    • Comfortable, adjustable 4-point seat with high backrest for extra passengers. Flexible seat mounting using seawater resistant D-rings
    • Plenty of space for luggage in the bow and stern of the cockpit
  • Technical details

    Length 4.85 m
    Width 85 cm

    AIRKAYAK 20.6 kg
    backpack 3.9 kg

    Max. Load 250 kg
    Air Chambers


    Material Double Layer Drop Stitch
    Pressure 8 psi (0.55 bar)
    Fin Box

    Quick-release with non-detachable safety wedge


    1 x 8" hard fin, black

    Persons 1-3

    Inflation Time

    less than 3 minutes

    Dimensions stowed 85 x 55 x 35 cm