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RowVista® sculls + RV Rowing Skid F

RowVista® sculls + RV Rowing Skid F

1P RV sculls + RV Rowing Skid F

for inflatable and hardboard SUP and rowing boards

Flat Outrigger (F) made of carbon with RowVista® rowlocks roller rails with 2 mounting straps with stainless steel hooks and buckles, sliding seat, foot stretcher, non-slip support feet
1p RowVista® forward rowing oars 2.06 m in carbon with linkage mechanism and blade feathering integrated, a bag for the RowVista® sculls (weight: 1.4 kg) and a bag for the RowVista® Rowing Skid (weight: 2.3 kg), weight RV sculls + RV Rowing Skid F: 18.6 kg