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Takacat - 260LX

Takacat - 260LX

It's light in weight, super stable and packed full of features for the tender market.
A true inflatable catamaran tender, the Takacat LX 260 stands out from the crowed with it sleek lines and original Takacat innovations.
The open bow design offers amazing versatility whether it's getting in or out of the water when swimming, snorkeling in a safety situation or transferring onto the beach or mother-ship.

  • Standard Features

    ✓ Revolutionary stainless steel Tube Transom ®

    ✓ Aerodynamic tappered bow design to get over the top of rough and choppy waters

    ✓ Takacats original on / off bow design for safety and convenience

    ✓ Single seam design joint by chemical bonding gluing system ideal for foldable inflatables

    ✓ Addional reinforcing & protective layer over single tube seam. Parallel on each tube.

    ✓ External safety lines

    ✓ Internal safety line

    ✓ Open transom and raised floor keeps the water out and the floor dry

    ✓ Shallow Draft: A huge advantage when crossing shallow water and also provides the ability to get further up the beach or ramp before the hull of the boat grounds

    ✓ Heavy-duty under-tube protection

    ✓ 2 x air pressure release valves

    ✓ External oar rowlocks and Velcro straps

    ✓ Inflatable float seat

    ✓ 4 external lifting handles

  • Technical details

    • WIDTH 1.55m
    • TUBE DIAMETER 0.48m
    • TOTAL WEIGHT 25kg
    • REC. OUTBOARD ENGINE 2.5 to 6 HP
    • MAX HP 8
    • CAPACITY 3 people or 360kg