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Trailer for a small boat CB-B0220

Trailer for a small boat CB-B0220

The CBS series of lightweight boat trailers are equipped with a rotating roller to the rear and two long longitudinal splints covered with carpet to ensure a large and secure contact surface for the transported boat and thus protect it from damage. Suitable for Light range boats, 370 U boats and 10, 12, 13 Jons

Standard equipment:
the supporting wheel of the drawbar, galvanized mudguards, tipper, adjustable front stop, winch, rear roller, adjustable wheel axle, rubber suspension, carpet-covered lace

Optional equipment:

lock on lifts, wheels 13 ", extra sliding treads

  • Technical data

    Max loading capacity: 360 kg
    Max weight capacity: 500 kg
    Lenght (max): 4,90 m
    Beam (max): 1,62 m
    Wheels (tyres): 450 x 10
    Brake: no